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About Us

Buzzledom's platform provides safety, privacy, fun and engaging interaction within our community. Our framework is built upon positive, sustainable and prosperous features and services for a mutually beneficial experience.

Social media where everyone benefits

Buzzledom provides tools for businesses to connect with their customers by rewarding their positive, recorded interactions and behavior; while users can securely enjoy connecting with others who love the same things they do, and engage directly to their favorite local businesses and brands.

By incentivizing the Users to choose Buzzledom’s Buzzit app to record their positive experiences and interactions, businesses – for the first time – can interact and engage with their customers unlike any other service.

No Bullies Allowed

Whether it's a corporation trying to extort money from business owners, disgruntled customers posting up negative online reviews without speaking to management, or the mean bully on the playground, high school halls or social media - we absolutely have no tolerance for bullies.

Introducing The Buzzit App

The Buzzit app is introducing a new way to experience our world and it starts with sharing all the things we love. For a business owner, that means no more bad reviews nor worrying about 4-star ratings. That's because our app works completely different and on what matters for the user experience, which also benefits the business owner.

Share. Connect. Discover.

These are the top comments and feedback from users and small business focus groups and interviews:

  • Users and business owners both appreciate the concept of only focusing on what's positive and on the items they enjoy.
  • Most users don't completely trust reviews because they don't know who is providing the review.
  • The Buzzit app just makes sense because when it comes to searching for items to purchase or try out, it's best to get a recommendation from a person who shares the same preferences.
  • Every business owner we spoke to had at least one horror story of a bad review and nearly thirty percent polled, reluctantly paid for services to manage their reputation.
  • Business owners like the idea of providing a way for customers to submit an online complaint / suggestion box that can be anonymous, yet still allow for communicaiton and follow up with the customer.
  • Every business owner agreed that if any customer had a bad experience, it is to their benefit to rectify the problem as quickly as possible to provide the best customer service, while also assessing the appropriate action.

How It Works

Share What You Love

Each time customers share their favorite places to dine, get their hair styled, shop, or service their car or home -- they earn redeemable Pollinator and Honey Pot points.

Using the Buzzit app, users get points on their app and they can be redeemed toward any specials that the business is offering. Businesses get free advertising to each user's network of friends which on average is 300 people.

Connect with Other Users

When others share their faves, they'll be matched up with other users whose taste buds and preferences match their own.

That means that businesses can reach other potential customers who might share similar preferences as your loyal customers.

Discover and Explore More Possibilities

Users can build a trusted network of friends who share the same preferences and discover new places to dine, shop and try other brands based on their own community of trusted connections.


Business services are intended to focus on the good stuff with your customers.


Each time customers use the Buzzit app, they'll earn redeemable reward points from participating merchants and brands.

Personalized Search

Results are based on the searcher's preferences, as well as the other users who have mutual interests with them.

No Bad Reviews

Businesses never have to worry about bad reviews since users only share what they love about their products and services.

No More Ads

Just results. Your membership dollars connect you to customers who can expand your business through similar tastes.

Privacy Matters

Customers can submit suggesstions, feedback, and complaints in privately and directly to the business.

Turnkey Solution

No extra equipment is needed. All that's required is an internet connection.

Become A Buzzledom Business Member

In fundraising for our company, many investors wanted us to sell our customer data, as it is big bucks in today's marketplace. Our platform is intended to mutually benefit the community. The norm may be to sell consumer data, and for us, we will be prosperous enough with our current revenue model. We developed our features and services based on what we wanted as consumers and everyone we spoke to appreciates our code of values.

Cities We're Launching In

Business Membership Pricing

We are currently offering pre-market plans at discounted rates, which will be available soon for business owners to purchase.

$89Annual Plan

Pollinator Basic

  • Get an additonal 6 months
  • No equipment needed
  • Easy for staff to use on mobile
Coming soon!

$199Annual Plan

Pollinator Plus

  • Get additional 12 months
  • No equipment needed
  • Easy for staff to use on mobile.
Coming soon!


Founding Pollinator

  • Available for a limited time!
  • No equipment needed
  • Easy for staff to use on mobile
Coming soon!