How It Works

What You Love

Each time you share your favorite spots to dine, get your hair cut, shop, or service your car — you'll receive reward points!


with Others

You'll be matched with other users who share the same faves as you. If you choose to follow them, their activity will display in your Buzz Stream.


Our World

Get more from our search results and your Buzz Stream activity from users whose tastes and preferences you can trust.


Our Advantages

Earn Rewards

Each time you use the Buzzit app, you'll earn redeemable reward points from participating merchants and brands.

Personalized Search

Results are based on the searcher's preferences, as well as the other users who have mutual interests with them.

No More Ads

Users just get customized search results without having to scroll past paid advertising.

No Bad Reviews

Businesses never have to worry about bad reviews since users only share what they love about their products and services.

Your Privacy Matters

Users have both a private avatar for friends, and a public one to follow others using a different user name.

Turnkey Solution

Businesses don't have to invest in more equipment. All that's required is an internet connection.

Business Memberships

Reward your loyal customers and have access to back office features to help you run your business more efficiently.  See benefits below.


  • Reward your loyal customers and top influencers.

  • Customers can provide feedback and suggestions privately and directly to you.

  • Pre-launch annual memberships being offered for just $89!

Brands and Associations

  • Industry associations can offer annual discounts to its members.

  • Brands can build customized campaigns and collect opt-in data from customers.

  • Build a digital network co-branded with us.

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